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The Lord's Day

Friday, April 28th, 2006

I went to work today. Not really an unusual occurrence, but today was worse than usual. (I want to say “excruciating,” but that’s a little over the top, even for me.)

To start the day off right, I overslept. Of course, that’s not unusual, because I oversleep three days out of five. I always intend to get up at least half-an-hour early for devotions. But somehow I often spend that half-hour fading in and out of consciousness while debating whether to get up right this minute or sometime in the next five or ten minutes. But this morning, I didn’t go through the twilight-zone debate; I just slept too hard and woke up too late, in a panic because there was light coming through the window.


And the Oscar Goes to…

Monday, April 24th, 2006

Item: in a recent e-mail newsletter, Christianity Today, noted that “there is no end” of the making of movies about Jesus. Film critics presented a review of the top ten Jesus movies produced since the early 1900s. The reviewed films ran the gamut from 1905’s Life and Passion of Jesus Christ to Mel Gibson’s highly publicized Passion of the Christ in 2004, CT compares and contrasts ten films that “focus mainly on Jesus’ life story as told in the Gospels.” Their conclusion: while no interpretation can ever “capture the fullness of his divinity, or the fullness of his humanity, the better films can help us to see a small part of the bigger picture.”

Comment: Film critics do what they do (and some of them are pretty good), but only God can review the life of Christ as told through me. He paid the production costs and directs the action. My contribution is to allow Him to live through me in a way that helps others see a small part of the Divine Love that energizes my life. What Would Jesus Do? is not a slogan; it’s the framework for a Bible-based, reality drama played out everyday in my life and in the life of everyman (or woman) who volunteers to participate.