A Writer’s Offering

God’s Spirit spoke through me, His words took shape on my tongue.
2 Samuel 23:2

David was famous as a warrior-king, but he was also a writer. In his dying prophecy, he reminisced about his writing accomplishments, just as he did about his victories in battle.

I am not warrior-like, nor royal, nor even particularly accomplished, but I am a writer. And I offer up my words as a praise sacrifice to the Divine Author and Creator of all things.

So… on the 21st-century digitized altar:

All the words that I possess,
Words to bruise or words to bless,
Have neither strength nor tenderness
Apart from God Who speaks them.
Words of power, words of grace,
Words let loose, words in place,
Words that kiss, yet leave no trace
Begin with God Who speaks them.
Words that plod, words that dance,
Words that poke, words that glance,
Words that touch as if by chance
Flow from God Who speaks them.
Words of caution, words that teach,
Words for all, a word for each,
Words that lift up or impeach
Sent from God Who speaks them.
Words that judge, words that spare,
Words that elevate despair,
Words that rend and then repair:
Almighty God is speaking.
Word that’s spoken into being,
Word that’s spoken into seeing,
Word that’s spoken into freeing:
One with God Who speaks it.

Words of joy and words of praise, words that soar on voices raised,
Words of worship all my days…These words to God I’m speaking.



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