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Love and Frustration

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Petulance Is Definitely a Word

Me;  frustrated and angry! Then puzzled by the complete irrationality of my anger. Then saddened, because irrational anger and frustration are certainly not characteristic of the Christ in me, now are they?

Of course, an all-powerful God is not frustratable (is that a word?). After all, He can do whatever He wants, so where is the possibility for frustration? But think about this.

God:  all knowing, all powerful, yet limited by His own choice:

  • When He created us. He gave us free will, allowing us, because of His great love, to operate with a degree of autonomy, so that we can choose to grow in character and capability. Real potential for frustration there, no?
  • Then He wrapped Himself in the flesh he had given to His frustrating creatures, thereby limiting himself profoundly¬† in another way…again simply because He loved us. Because He loved me.

So God: inherently not frustratable (that non-word again), allows Himself to be frustrated in some ways, simply because of His love for us.

Yet I have the temerity to be royally ticked off because some of my calls are not returned…or because the clean sink I expected to find in my kitchen is full of dirty dishes…or the meeting I prepared for has been postponed.

But (again because of the love of God) I can do better. After all, the complete life-giving, empowering, energizing, and long-suffering love of Christ is all in me and through me. And I’m pretty sure “frustratable” is not even a word.