Love and Frustration

March 22nd, 2011

Petulance Is Definitely a Word

Me;  frustrated and angry! Then puzzled by the complete irrationality of my anger. Then saddened, because irrational anger and frustration are certainly not characteristic of the Christ in me, now are they?

Of course, an all-powerful God is not frustratable (is that a word?). After all, He can do whatever He wants, so where is the possibility for frustration? But think about this.

God:  all knowing, all powerful, yet limited by His own choice:

  • When He created us. He gave us free will, allowing us, because of His great love, to operate with a degree of autonomy, so that we can choose to grow in character and capability. Real potential for frustration there, no?
  • Then He wrapped Himself in the flesh he had given to His frustrating creatures, thereby limiting himself profoundly  in another way…again simply because He loved us. Because He loved me.

So God: inherently not frustratable (that non-word again), allows Himself to be frustrated in some ways, simply because of His love for us.

Yet I have the temerity to be royally ticked off because some of my calls are not returned…or because the clean sink I expected to find in my kitchen is full of dirty dishes…or the meeting I prepared for has been postponed.

But (again because of the love of God) I can do better. After all, the complete life-giving, empowering, energizing, and long-suffering love of Christ is all in me and through me. And I’m pretty sure “frustratable” is not even a word.

I Am Free!

April 20th, 2010

What does it mean to be free? There are synonyms:  unfettered, footloose, able to make choices, capable of acting at will, and more. But what would freedom mean in my life?

It would mean that the paralyzing indecision that seems to dog my steps would not hobble me as it has in the past and does to this day.

It would mean that my “lizard brain” would not have veto power over every idea I have.

It would mean that the habits that restrict my choices (staying up too late, sleeping in too long, wasting time online, wasting time looking for things, wasting time dithering) would no longer keep me in one place.

It would mean that the fear of looking like an idiot would not keep me from sharing and implementing my ideas.

It would mean that my way, way-down-deep doubts about what I can do would lose their power to inhibit what I actually do.

How do I find and actuate this freedom? The apostle Paul pointed the way:  Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. (2 Cor 3:17)

So…does this mean that freedom, like all the good things that come from God, is the inevitable result of, and ONLY of, a continually growing and deepening relationship with the Father? That it is not possible to become free by power of will, or by following specific self-help procedures, or by visualization?

It all goes back to the same theme:  Not by power, not by will; not by potion, not by pill;  only Jesus.Nothing but the power of Christ can free me from dependence on my “lizard brain” and my almost-, but not quite, subconscious fear of failure.