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It’s All About God

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

If working at it is not the way to become the “living expression of God’s kindness,” then what is? Check out this parable of the Vine (by Bill McCracken and Toni Proudfoot), where we are branches grafted into Christ — the Vine:

Only one thing is necessary,” said the Vine, “abide in Me. Let Me be your peace and joy. What matters most is the time shared between us.”

“You see,” continued the Vine, “it is no longer a question of what you can do, but of whether or not you will let Me to do it through you. My love for you has healed your deepest hurt. I am all you need. You now live so that we might fill the needs of others. Our union will do this. My fruit in you will bring praise to our Keeper, the Father. All you need to do is to be ready and willing to bear the fruit.”

There it is. Grapes grow on grapevines; as long as we abide in the Vine — spending time with Jesus, studying His words, enjoying His presence — fruit of the Vine is the inevitable result.

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